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  • 4 Healthy Gluten Free Banana Cookies

    4 Healthy Gluten Free Banana Cookies

    Sometimes you just want a cookie but making a huge batch is time consuming and then you have a whole batch sitting around waiting to be eaten. I just don't have the will power. So, I make a real small batch...

  • A Healthier Spin on Girl Scout Samoas

    A Healthier Spin on Girl Scout Samoas

    These delicious little samoa cookies are my take on the delicious girl scout cookie. Although delicious, they are filled with not so good for you ingredients. My recipe uses 6 main ingredients; oats, dates, coconut, chocolate, honey and cashews and a couple of pantry staples. They are bit laborious to make, but worth it.

  • Air Popped Dill Popcorn with Olive Oil

    Dill Popcorn

    Put down the doritos and any other store packaged chip and try making air popped popcorn at home. This dill popcorn with olive oil is a crunchy delicious treat.

  • Almond Joy Oat Bran

    Almond Joy Oat Bran

    Who says you can't have candy for breakfast? Dark chocolate chips over 60% cocoa, raw almonds and unsweetened coconut, this almond joy oat bran recipe will get your morning started off just right. 

Easy Soup & Salad in 15 Minutes

Posted in Soups & Stews, Salads

This recipe for soup and salad is so easy! Only 15 minutes from the fridge to your belly. 

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