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Today's Moxie features recipes for one. While most recipes you will find on the internet are for 4 or more people, our recipes are for people who are cooking for one.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Pistachio Ice Cream Bon Bons Pistachio Ice Cream Bon Bons

12 March 2016

These are absolutely fabulous! I used the pistachio ice-cream I made earlier this week to create these dark chocolate covered pistachio ice cream bon bons.

The Best Latte's Are Made at Home

11 March 2016,

Latte at Home

Make Your Own Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream with Coconut Milk Pistachio Ice Cream

11 March 2016

This homemade pistachio ice cream tastes as rich and decadent as it does cool and creamy. It comes together pretty easy and I didn't even use an ice cream maker. Great pistachio flavor, and it's also dairy free with no white sugar.

Super Simple Fast Marinara

12 February 2016

My all time favorite make at home meal is spaghetti marinara. It takes me only about15 minutes to make and it hits the spot every time.

Homemade Chicken Stock

11 February 2016

Homemade chicken stock is so easy to make. The next time you purchase chicken purchase it whole. It is cheaper to purchase this way. When you get it home carve it into pieces and use the carcas to make stock.

Easy Baked Salmon

25 January 2016,

Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids this baked wild alaskan salmon bakes up fast in the oven and tastes great.

Kale Salad

25 January 2016,

Delicious Kale Salad

Granola Parfaits

25 January 2016,

Great for breafast or a snack these easy granola parfaits are sure to hit the spot and keep you going.

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